Saturday, 27 January 2007

Ready Steady Cook...or not!!!!

Before starting in A&E, I nievely thought that vegetables, especially carrots were more sorted for eating, jullienne, diced or roughly chopped.

This young man, came in by ambulance (his first mistake) had allegedly been playing sex games with his girlfriend. (Miss July we think..well thats the edition of the mag he had). Anyway a carrot was now properly stuck up his bottom. Unable to get a clear X-Ray due to the translucency of the organic root veg it was left to our jovial Staff Grade to remove. Like a puppet master, the rather large hand of this doc dissapeared up this lads back passage. A quick root around and hey presto a 7" carrot appeared. A quick wash and it was returned to the lad for posterity. He then had to be admitted to ensure that he hadn't perforated his bowel. Lets just say that hospital dinners are shit at the best of times but we heard that the man was constantly asked if he wanted vegetables!! He probably got fed up by breakfast.

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