Saturday, 27 January 2007

Cheating Death Part I

As an A&E Nurse it seems I get more dead people than the local Co-Op Funeral Shop. It comes with the territory that I get people die.

The other day I had 4 cardiac arrests! 3 died and one I dispatched to the ward. 25% success, not bad for a failing trust. Cheating death is always a losing battle but I will give it my best shot. The only downside is the relatives. I have lost count of the times that I have had to tell a relative that their loved one has shuffled unwillingly off this mortal coil. It can be heartbreaking. I have not become immune to this suffering, it affects me, however I can often be strong to the point of brutal dispassion. I can often be weak as well.

The young drug addict who dies, the RTA who was drunk and crashed into a tree. These deaths although sad are emotionally reconcilable. The 32 year old cardiac arrest who just drops is just shit though. Most of the time in A&E and in the NHS it is just a case of processing patients. A bit like Tesco's, but less cost efficient!

Occasionally it is these cases with the relatives that makes you realise that is why you are a nurse. Because you can support these people in their time of need.

It is just as unfortunate though that you are a nurse, because you know what can happen to the human body. Sometimes I wish I knew nothing, just like Joe Public (before the internet that is!), then I would have not worry so much about what might kill me!!

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