Sunday, 4 March 2007

The wheat from the chaff

The Trust is desperately trying to reach the Government target of 98% of patients are dealt with within 4 hours. |For the most part we have been doing well; that was until Friday. Two breaches by lunch and more than twenty by the end of the day.

I came across a senior sister crying as she was doing her best. Is it a good working environment when people, granted even the least clinically credible sister (although a decent person) is reduced to tears by virtue of the atmosphere. Maybe they are trying to cull those who cannot control the department, but when there are no beds available breaches will occur. And when there are sick patients, which they have been and there are shortfalls in nursing staffing levels then this will become the norm for breaches to occur.

On top of that we have been awarded a 1.5% pay rise this year by Patricia (No clue) Hewitt, lee than the rate of inflation. What an insult to the hard work by nurses up and down the country! Get a grip, the Medical training is ballsed up, the waiting lists are manipulated with minimum waiting times, MRSA is rife and nurses are becoming scapegoats, the NHS needs to be revolutionised by those who understand it; the NHS staff, not idiots in the DofH.

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