Saturday, 3 February 2007

Donor Cycle

At last, a trauma worth shouting about. Motorcyclist verses concrete bollard at high speed.

ABC's were deranged, he had a GCS of 3 and multiple pelvic and bilateral femur fractures. He was fortunately intubated quickly as things were not looking grand.
It was them the delays occurred.

A long wait for CT, a long wait in CT and then a long wait to ITU. Not straight to theatres. Fortunately the patient did not breach. (Joke). Not a good prognosis as he was developing coagulopathy and profound metabolic acidosis

It frustrates me intensely that patients wait so long to reach their appropriate destinations. Early intervention in trauma leads to potentially better outcomes. All the hard work initially carried out can be so easily let down when the patient reaches coagulopathy and then becomes unfit for surgery.

Who's heads do I bang together?

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